What Do You Know About CCTV With Audio Recording UK?

What Do You Know About CCTV With Audio Recording UK?


Buying a CCTV with audio is a wise choice if you need video and audio recording or two-way audio communication to talk to your family or pets while you’re out and about.

With so many IP or wireless security cameras on the market with audio and POE (wired), it cannot be easy to find the best home security camera with audio right away. We will help you with this article to find the best security cameras with audio that suit your needs.

CCTV With Audio Recording

Security cameras with audio have a microphone built into the camera or an audio input connector for attaching an auxiliary microphone. Security camera microphones, whether internal or external, are sensitive enough to pick up sounds in a 40-foot radius in a quiet room. Results will vary depending on ambient noise, but these security cameras are a great way to record video and audio. Choosing a camera for your

IP CCTV Camera Audio

For cameras with an optional external microphone input, you will need a microphone, an RCA coupler to connect the microphone to the camera, and a 12 VDC power supply to power the microphone on the side of the camera. For HDCVI and network IP cameras with external audio input, when a microphone connects to the camera, the audio will be combined with the video signal and sent back to the HDCVI DVR or NVR over the cable.

IP surveillance cameras are an advanced option recommended as a premium solution for enterprise security systems. IP cameras collect audio data on the camera, so audio is immediately digitised. Better sound quality and more cameras can record audio at the same time.

Types Of Security Cameras With Built Microphone
It is the most common indoor/outdoor security camera with audio that can record video and sound. Such as 5MP Prolux CCTV Security System PXC-H324F5W-A Built-in Microphone AOC Turret.

Security camera with external microphone support
This type of CCTV with audio recording security camera has an audio input port that offers you to connect an external microphone for video and audio recording.

Security Cameras with Two-Way Audio

A final and widely used type is security cameras with built-in microphones and speakers that allow you to hear their speaking and talk to the family without being physically present.

How To Choose The Best Audio CCTV Camera
When choosing a security camera with sound, you first need to know which type suits you best. Then you can attend the following options into account when making your final decision:

HD Security Camera With Audio

A good surveillance camera with sound should have a resolution of at least 1080p or 1920p (5 megapixels). You can see the live videos with more precise and sharper images. HD security cameras with audio can also increase the likelihood of identifying a suspect’s face and license plate. Hikvision HD camera It is one of the best CCTV brands and has many security cameras with the same specifications.

The analogue camera requires audio input directly from a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Audio is therefore recorded in analogue form and converted to digital in a recorder. However, the DVR has limited inputs, so you may have to choose which camera to record the audio. The security camera system depends on whether you want analogue, HDCVI, or IP cameras. Surveillance cameras with built-in microphones offer the easiest way to connect to your security video recorder.

HDCVI cameras do not require cables with audio connectors. The audio signal combines with the video signal. All you need is a spool of Siamese HD cable or RG59 coaxial cable. The audio/video/power signals are transmitted through the network cable for IP cameras with audio. For analogue cameras, we recommend using our 50ft Audio Video Power Cable or 150ft Audio Video Power Cable. The cable includes audio, video, and DC power connectors, simplifying camera cable installation.


What Do You Know About CCTV With Audio Recording UK?

Security Camera With Audio And Night Vision
Wireless security cameras with audio should have at least IR LEDs and filters. The night vision range of home security cameras with audio is also a factor to check.

It indicates how far the camera can see even in complete darkness. Some high-end wireless security cameras with audio offer accurate colour images even at night, offering sharper details. On the ukcctv website, there are a variety of security cameras with night vision technology, and you can get more information about them.

Check Your Baby At Night With Mobile
Night vision for outdoor and indoor IP network security cameras with two-way audio is critical. With her PTZ camera in the baby’s room with two-way audio and night vision, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to sing lullabies to lull your baby to sleep at night.

See, is your baby sleeping soundly without staying up late at night? Install a two-way voice pan-tilt night vision security camera, and you will never miss secure of a day or night.

Night home security is a must. With Wi-Fi or POE half or full duplex audio security cameras and night vision, you can feel safe day and night.

Wired And Wireless Security Camera With Audio
See real-time Full HD video on your phone or tablet and communicate with anyone around the camera.

Parents can use this indoor security camera with audio as a baby monitor to see if their child is safely back from school and talk to them while in the office.

Pet owners can use them as a pet security camera with two-way audio. Seeing what your dog is doing and letting them hear your voice (greetings from work) is excellent for you and your pet. Feel safe even if you leave your four-legged family at home.

Can You Add A Microphone To A Security Camera?
Most security cameras suitable for outdoor use do not have built-in microphones to keep water out. You will need to add an external security camera microphone to these cameras to record audio. Most IP security cameras with audio input features have RCA audio connectors for connecting a microphone to the pigtail. Some dome IP cameras have terminal blocks inside the dome. Either way, it’s easy to configure an external microphone by connecting it to the IP security camera.

How To Connect A Microphone To CCTV Cameras
RCA plug to RCA plug to connect the microphone to the RCA audio input on the camera pigtail. If the distance between the camera and the microphone is long, you can use a male-ended RCA cable to connect the input and output. Connect the power connector of the 12V DC power adapter to the microphone power jack.

You can also use his POE power supply for the mic and camera using the POE power splitter with a 1 to 2 DC power splitter. Just connect the POE cable to the POE splitter. Split the camera and microphone power with a DC splitter. Then click the POE splitter data cable to the camera to get the data.

Necessary Things To Connect A Microphone
To connect a microphone to your camera with a line-in audio connection consisting of a 2-wire cable, you need the following items:

  • Outdoor Microphone
  • 12V DC 500mA Power Adapter
  • DC Power Splitter Cable can also use POE power splitter
  • BNC female to RCA male
  • Two-core wire for the balun

How To Connect A Microphone With Using A Two-Lead Wire?
Open the camera dome cover with the included hex wrench tool. Please an electric screwdriver or drill. Do not use. Connect the BNC jack to the RCA plug of the balun. Connect the RCA plugs to his RCA inputs on the microphone. Using a video balun, he connects the two connector wires and tightens the screws on the cables. Remember the polarity of the wires.

Recommend using red for the positive and black/stripe for the ground/negative wires. Put the little rubber insert next to the audio block and a small hole for the wire with the drill. Unscrew the block’s audio input connector. Insert the wire from the video balun and screw it in. Slightly unscrew the earth connection (GND). Insert and screw in the ground wire from the video balun. Route the mic’s power cord to his 12V DC power adapter plugged into a 110V AC outlet. Connect the power adapter to your mic.

You can use a POE splitter and a 1:2 DC splitter. Connect the camera’s POE cable to the POE splitter. Then connect the POE splitter to the 1:2 DC splitter. Connect your camera and microphone to the DC splitter port. Connect the RJ45 jack from the POE splitter to the camera pigtail. Once you’ve finally connected your camera and microphone, you can follow the rest of this guide to learn how to enable voice input on your camera.

At The End
Now, we are sure you can choose a suitable CCTV with audio recording. Also, you can Add A Microphone To A Security Camera and everything that depends on it.

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