Kinds Of The Security Camera BNC CCTV Cable

Kinds Of The Security Camera BNC CCTV Cable


Attention to the types of CCTV cameras, there are different cables, and each one has a special cable, like the BNC CCTV cable, RG59 cable, cat5 or 6 cables, etc. In this article, the UKCCTV website offers you all the information about BNC CCTV cable, and then you can use the suitable cable for your security camera systems.

BNC CCTV Cable For Surveillance Systems

When it comes to CCTV and surveillance systems, dozens or even hundreds of components can be used to build a system. Some components are small and seemingly insignificant, while others are large and seem to make up a whole system, “think cameras and DVRs.” However, each serves a greater purpose, regardless of the size of the components. Connectors may look small, but they are powerful.

A BNC connector is a standard RF connector that uses a BNC CCTV cable. These connectors are typically used in avionics, test equipment, amateur radio antennas, military equipment, and, more recently, surveillance systems.

High Secure With Perfect CCTV Camera Systems

Generally, wGenerale live in a world where it is essential to stay vigilant. Gone are the days when finding a thief was a tedious task. With CCTV cameras shoved into every corner of your city, it only makes sense that they are of the highest quality and people know how to choose the right one. In the name of security, the stakes are high and understanding the importance of what’s behind your CCTV installation and its cable type is essential.

What are the Types of CCTV Cables?

A CCTV cable system typically comes with a set of tools and components. For a non-specialist, it needs to be clarified. So it’s essential to understand the basics.

CCTV(closed circuit television) uses video CCTV security systems to transmit a signal to a specific location. CCTV is primarily used for surveillance purposes, focusing on crime prevention, security, surveillance, and criminal investigations. For this matter, CCTV usually requires cables that improve the video signal quality. Among other things, many additional wired surveillance options help send a better video signal. Let’s look at what each cable does and how important they are to the security camera.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables have been around for almost a century and still play a vital role today, mainly due to their high shielding quality. Shielding helps prevent interference with signals. The copper plate in such cables helps speed up data transfer. It is much easier to install as it has two sizes for CCTV.

Security Camera RG-6 Cable

This particular cable makes of copper and aluminium for higher bandwidth and higher frequencies. Therefore, it is not suitable for indoor CCTV. It is much heavier than other types, making it ideal for CCTV used by city authorities, administration and police.

CCTV Camera RG-59 Cable

Like RG-6, RG-59 refers to a “radio guide”, 59 refers to the diameter size and uses plated copper. Since this type of cable is recommended for low bandwidth, Perfect for CCTV installation, especially for homes, apartments, businesses, hotels, and other relatively small indoor spaces. RG59 coaxial cable is a foam-based dielectric system. Super gas injected by the foam insulation helps the cable deliver a better quality signal, ultimately contributing to better monitoring.

CCTV Cameras, BNC Connectors

BNC connectors are used with RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables in video applications. These are industry standards for CCTV video surveillance systems. In most cases, devices such as CCTV cameras, surveillance DVRs, and security monitors have female BNC CCTV cable video inputs or outputs. So any coaxial cable connecting these devices should have BNC connectors on both ends.

Analogue Cameras With BNC CCTV Cable

BNC connectors are commonly found in recording studios as they allow easy synchronization of various components. Additionally, it has become a popular option for video surveillance, especially when analogue cameras are present.

The BNC connector will make this possible if consumers want to upgrade and update their old system. A BNC connector connects the analogue video components from the camera to a TV monitor or DVR. Snaps securely into place to ensure a quality and secure connection.

Different BNC CCTV Cable On The UKCCTV

You must send the video through a cable when you connect your security camera. RG59 cables, RCA plug-and-play cables and CAT5 cables are available in the CCTV industry. These are three types of CCTV cables. We have all kinds of CCTV cables to provide the video you need for your NVR/DVR. The UKCCTV website offers RG59 coaxial cables on spools, bundled and terminated RG59 wires, and various CAT5 cables.

Difference Between RG59 Wire and RG6 Wire

RG59 wire is generally thinner than RG6 wire. Both cables have a copper core and an aluminium/copper braid. RG6 wire has thicker insulation and braid. Therefore, can use it to transmit signals over longer distances than RG59 Cable. RG59 is suitable for offices and indoor areas, while RG6 is suitable for complete surveillance of buildings and neighbourhoods. City authorities commonly use RG6, government agencies and police departments, while RG59 uses it in clubs, homes and buildings.


CCTV camera cables are one of the challenging parts of setting up a surveillance CCTV camera system. The type of CCTV security camera cable you need depends entirely on the method you have and the tasks you want to perform. If you have analogue cameras or IP systems, use different cables. Designing a camera CCTV system requires quality components, construction, and installation methods. Remember that the coaxial cable specified for your CCTV camera systems is critical and essential for proper operation. Lay cables with specifications suitable for CCTV. If you follow the parameters outlined in this technical paper, you will have great success with your security camera cabling.

This article presented a summary of the standard coax cable types and the parameters that define how a coax cable is specified. If you need high-quality BNC CCTV cable, you can visit our ukcctv website and buy the most suitable cable for your security cameras.

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