12mp CCTV Camera is the Best Seller’s Products

12mp CCTV Camera is the Best Seller’s Products


It becomes essential to monitor your home security if you are often away from home for work, travel, or other reasons. Luckily, on the UKCCTV website, this doesn’t have to be expensive, and it has a variety of CCTV cameras, especially 12mp CCTV.

Today’s best security camera is affordable and comes with various features such as night mode, motion sensor, remote access and more. You only need a proper internet connection to bring your security camera online.

4K Or 12mp CCTV Camera

4K Surveillance is the latest in the world of HD video surveillance cameras. 4K label on the camera means that the device records images or videos at around 12 megapixels at double the resolution of standard HDTV (1920 x 1080). It may not seem like significant work. Still, when you compare 4K images or video with non-HD surveillance technology, the increased resolution allows you to analyze your footage.

The difference between guesswork and certainty. For example, the image above shows the difference between a 3MP, 5MP, and 12MP (4K) camera, all with digital zoom. As you can see, the sharpness of 4K images is much better. A constant consideration when purchasing a home or professional surveillance camera is the resolution the camera needs to ensure optimal image quality. A security camera solution can provide many advantages discussed later in this article. So what is the best security camera resolution?

What Is The Security Camera Resolution?

Security camera resolution measures the size of an image or video produced by the total number of pixels that make up the image or video measured by width and height. Small frames create a low-resolution video, and large structures have high-definition (HD) video. Ideally, the camera resolution should provide consistent image quality day and night and should not degrade when zoomed in to see details such as license plates or faces of intruders.

Easy CCTV Installation

Ease of installation is an important parameter when purchasing the best CCTV camera. Some surveillance cameras are small and compact. Therefore, can easily place it on a desk or elevated stand. On the other hand, some of CCTV cameras can be very cumbersome and require professional help.

Generally, CCTV cameras that require brackets, screws and drilling remain fixed in place for long periods. However, the purpose for which you are buying a closed-circuit camera will determine your purchase. Choosing a compact camera that is easy to install will do just that if your goal is to protect your home premises. Conversely, you may need a larger camera with a mount to cover large areas like camping.

What is a 4K security camera system?

4K security camera system or 8MP (2160p) security camera system refers to a security system with a high-performance image sensor that can record video at 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is four times 1920 x 1080 pixels in 1080p Full HD security systems. Beyond technical details, this means that the images captured by a 4K home security camera system are incredibly sharp and detailed. You can also magnify distant objects without sacrificing image quality.

4K (8MP) IP Security Camera Systems are typically sold with multiple 4K IP security cameras (minimum of 2) and 4K NVR/DVR (recorders) with four channels, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 channels. Some 64 and 128-channel 4K NVRs also have hot-swappable hard drives that allow video storage to replace without downtime. Such a 4K NVR security camera system is especially suitable for business security projects.

Focal Length Of Security Camera

Also, consider the focal length when deciding which 4K IP camera to choose. A wide-angle lens provides a broader range, so you’ll see more coverage but less detail at longer distances. A lens with a long focal length is suitable if you want a camera that captures more detail, such as license plates or particular objects. A camera with a varifocal lens explicitly aimed at the thing will give the best results.

12MP CCTV vs 4K Performance

In all these comparisons, 12MP and 4K are pretty close in pixels per foot (4000 horizontal pixels vs 3840). However, the 4K images look a little worse next to him for two reasons. The 12MP image was captured by the camera as is.

12mp CCTV Resolution

Get a fresh start in a 12MP world with a resolution of 4000×3000. The 12MP IP camera uses the latest CMOS sensor and provides better image quality and much clearer video than 8MP, 5MP, 4MP or 1080p security cameras. Ultra-long night vision up to 60m makes you invisible. All 12MP cameras on the ukcctv website are POE or maybe HD. In other words, it uses a single Ethernet cable to transmit video and power. They’ve invested in outdoor and indoor cameras, so you can put them up anywhere with the peace of mind that the ever-changing weather won’t damage them.

One of the best 12mp CCTV brand, is hikvision. You can see a lot of security cameras on the ukcctv website, with high-quality and excellent specifications with different resolutions.

Higher Weather Resistance CCTV Cameras

Our wide range of home and professional security cameras is compatible with any camera system. Our outdoor security cameras are provided to withstand rain, snow and dust with an IP67 rating and higher weather resistance. The rugged design, infrared night vision, and excellent image quality make our 4K Surveillance Camera a perfect addition to your security camera system.


In addition to security cameras, on our website, there is an NVR recorder with 12mp like Hikvision IP NVR DS-7716NI-I4 16 Channel Recorder Up to 8TB with 12 mp resolution. This issue and the variety of records and CCTV cameras resolution differentiate our website from other websites.

We are sure. Now you got more information about the resolutions of CCTV cameras, especially 12mp CCTV Camera. Before buying the security cameras or NVR and DVR, it’s better to check all the features of the desired product on the ukcctv website. Also, we hope you have a convenient and affordable purchase from our website.

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