The Importance Features of Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k

The Importance Features of Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k


Hikvison brand not long ago, only professional videographers used 4K cameras, but now even some security cameras can record sharply. Good image quality is essential for providing clear video evidence when security cameras are needed. Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k is the best seller’s product on our website. These types of security cameras have a famous brand, and high quality is another of their features.

No security camera company offers as many products as UKCCTV. You can find his 4K cameras indoors and outdoors, but you can also get analogue, digital, Wi-Fi and even wireless models from ukcctv. There are bullet, dome and PTZ cameras, and you can get CCTV cameras with two-way audio, sirens, and spotlights. You can get any of them in black or white. UKCCTV has cameras that connect to DVRs, cameras that send video to cloud storage, and even cameras with micro SD slots.

Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k Surveillance Device

As a leading video surveillance device, Hikvision has paid close attention to the rise of 4K in recent years. His website at ukcctv now has a complete set of his Hikvision 4K products that provide high-quality images for different security scenarios.

Various models of 4K cameras are available in the box, dome, and bullet shapes. Of course, you also need a Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k monitor and his NVR to unlock the full potential of your 4K camera. Hikvision has packed ultra-high resolutions and intelligent features into its range of 4K products, including cameras, NVRs and monitors, to provide security customers with a better experience.

Super High Resolution

In the past, limited resolution often hindered the accuracy of video analysis, mainly due to the lack of image detail. Hikvision’s 4K system provides users with incredibly crisp and clear images with improved quality and attributes, making it easier to analyze video content and make better use of video data.

Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k Output

Hikvision 4K NVR is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 interface that transmits 4K resolution video, providing a complete solution to systems that can only offer 4K codecs without a 4K camera or 4K output.

H.265+ Codec Features

Like many Hikvision premium products, the 4K device comes with his H.265+ codec, allowing users to manage larger files produced in high definition effectively. Complete set of intelligent features, including smart tracking, line crossing, and entering and exiting areas.

Hikvision 4K Application

The Hikvision 4K system significantly improves applications in various scenarios such as city surveillance, stadiums, and parking lots where sharp, high-definition images and intelligent management are required. This system contains a complete set of 4K products for a single 4K device. Hikvision leads the industry by providing all-in-one solutions for implementing its 4K technology in various fields.

4K Video Surveillance Camera

4K Surveillance is the latest in the world of HD video surveillance cameras. The 4K label on the camera means that the device records images at a resolution of about 12 megapixels or videos at twice its standard HDTV (1920 x 1080) resolution.

4K vs 5MP vs 1080p vs 720p Security Cameras Difference in Resolution

All four cameras use for video surveillance, but they offer different resolutions and image quality. 720p cameras have a minimum resolution (of 1280 x 720). That is, it captures the smallest area. It is acceptable for small stores and offices but not warehouses or large areas.

A 1080p camera offers about twice the resolution (1920×1080) of its 720p counterpart. It can capture twice the size of a 720p camera, making 1080p an excellent tool for monitoring medium-sized areas such as offices, stores, backyards, and medium-sized warehouses. If you want to cover a large warehouse with your video surveillance system, you may need more cameras of this type.

Another thing to know about 1080p cameras is that their image quality, when zoomed, is lower than 5 MP (2592 × 1944) and 4K (3840 × 2160) cameras. 5MP and 4K zoom images are sharp and detailed, but 4K zooms deeper to see even more detail. Regarding resolution, a Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k covers 1.5 times more area than a 5-megapixel camera.

Field of View

Regarding the field of view, you might expect Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k to have the upper hand, with millions of pixels in the image and a built-in wide-angle lens (megapixel security cameras often come with wide-angle lenses). Provides a broader field of view. And while it’s possible to reconfigure 5MP and 1080p cameras to cover a wider area, it needs to be clarified. It blurs the edges of the image and hides the physical features of people, license plates, and other details.

Conclusion Of Difference in Resolution

Overall, all four cameras differ in many ways. 720p cameras are cheap, but they are a weak player in the video surveillance field. Choosing one of the remaining cameras is much better. The 5MP and 1080p cameras fit a moderate budget and offer decent image quality and resolution, proving that surveillance systems aren’t installed in vain. Use a 4K camera with solution, multiple digital zooms, and a wide field of view.

Hikvision Brand

As a world leader in security cameras, Hikvision offers a wide range of CCTV cameras. Hikvision products are robust and packed with cutting-edge specifications like motion detection, night vision and low light technology. It’s also relatively affordable.

Colorvu cctv camera is Hikvision’s answer to the night. It goes far beyond infrared night vision technology, providing clear full-colour images even in meagre light. ColorVu technology combines a large F1 aperture with a high-quality, advanced sensor, so the camera uses very little light. ColorVu can deliver detailed colour images even in the moonlight. There is a variety of ColorVu, is Hikvision or Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k, with reasonable prices and high-quality on the UKCCTV website. Because of the Hikvison brand’s good features, our company offers you all of the models of this brand, even the Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k for you.

With the explanations provided for you about Hikvision CCTV Kit 4k in this article, you can analyze the differences between different CCTV cameras and choose the best option from the UKCCTV website according to your needs.

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